Saturday, 27 April 2019

A to Z Blogging Challenge: X is for Xeric

Last post of the week for the A to Z Blogging Challenge and I'm sure anyone who has been following my posts is wondering what I'm going to do with X for my A to Z of Nanowrimo. Well, here you go. It's X for Xeric.

Xeric - adj. of, pertaining to, or having desert-like conditions

I first read that as dessert-like conditions and was really excited. If you did too, then I'm sorry but this post is far less exciting than you thought it was going to be. Here's a picture of a chocolate dessert, just to say sorry.
hot chocolate

But, by now you are probably wondering why I have chosen an obscure word like xeric as my choice for X and what this has to do with a 30-day writing challenge. Well, I think that by the end of the month, your mind is probably emptied of all the ideas you had. Your creativity has been used up and you're extremely tired. Perhaps you haven't spent as much time with your family as you would have liked during November (or April. I'm sure my son has forgotten what I look like). Or maybe you gave up a while ago and you're still checking in to see what I'll post about today. So, I chose xeric, firstly because we're coming to the end of the challenge and time is running out. We've used up all our resources and it made me think of the desert.

The second reason why I picked xeric is because during Nanowrimo, I tend to read dictionaries. I do this because a) I'm weird and b) it's a great way of picking up new words, xeric being one of them Nanowrimo doesn't just have to be a challenge to see if you can write those all-important 50,000 words. and finally get that novel that's been on your mind out of your mind and onto the screen. It can also be about self-development. And while we're rushing to meet the November 30th deadline, it's easy to forget that you're growing as a person. 

a to z blogging challenge 2019

If you haven't written a novel before, this is you becoming the writer you dreamed of being. If you've written twenty novels already, maybe this is the one that will see you becoming the next J K Rowling or Stephen King. If you're like me and you've written a couple of novels and had a little taste of what success is like, this could just be another part of your journey, a step closer to real success, or a step closer to being where you are meant to be instead. So, if you're feeling dried out and have forgotten everything except the word count and the deadline, just remember that it's not just about that. You have made a huge leap simply by participating.

This post has become much deeper than I wanted to it to be. In fact, quite a few of them so far have taken a philosophical turn! I hope you got something out of this, whether it's the reminder that during Nanowrimo we achieve more than a simple word count or it's that you've learned a new word today.

Have you learned any new words by participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge? Share them with me in the comments below. If you do comment, please remember to leave your blog's link so I can visit and return the favour.

Today over on Rock Paper Spirit I'm doing something a little less creative with the letter X and writing X is for Xing a dolphin. Tomorrow, here on this site I'll be writing about the Young Writers' Program.

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