Sunday, 28 April 2019

Some Practice Poems and Silliness

Today I want to share some of the absolute nonsense that I wrote when I was practising poetry and techniques. I wrote these one Sunday morning in February when I was still feeling quite depressed and Alex was helping me out of that phase of my life. I couldn't get the techniques that I was learning nailed and Alex recommended that I just sit and write nonsense, just to get it out and nobody ever had to see it. 

Then a couple of months later, I put them on the Internet. Because that's how I roll. Here they are. These are not to be taken seriously, by the way. I didn't write these and publish them because I thought they were good. I suppose I was taking the piss out of all the poetic devices I was being taught and decided it might be a laugh to write about a dog turd on a shoe from the turd's point of view.

Shit On My Shoe

Melts a bit.
Warm in the sun.
Gets sniffed,
pissed on, shunned,
trodden on, splits in two.
The adventurous half taken
home, by the shoe
to a new house.
Carpet prickles,
dog goes nuts,
cat can't even.
Stinks, someone is sick.
Taken out, the hose
is switched on. Has it stained?
Washed, wailing,
screaming, pain then
The adventure is over.
Clean again.

Here is the next one, which was basically me brain-dumping onto paper again. But I liked the rhythm and the assonantal rhymes, so I thought I'd share it.

The Muse

It's easier being a muse
than it is to be amused and
inspired. When you're a muse no
writing will be required. You
don't get tired and don't end up
bored, writing about shoes.

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