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A to Z of Nanowrimo: R is for Region

End of week 3. Woohoo! I'm almost there. Just one more week, and a bit, to go and the last week if full of interesting letters that should be fun to write about. Today though, I'm writing about R for Region in my A to Z of Nanowrimo. I'm not sure what to say about that because it's pretty self-explanatory but I'll go on.

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Regions are pretty important in Nanowrimo because they help with the social aspect of the challenge. When you sign up you can join any region. Mine is Glasgow because that's the city I am closest to. I had initially considered Scotland: Everywhere Else because there's no Ayrshire region but when I joined it, it was easy to see that it was wrong. There were people from the Highlands and Islands in there, who were nowhere near me. So, I stuck to Glasgow.

The great thing about joining your closest region is that you can chat to local people in the forums who know what challenges you might be facing with your writing. For example, if I'm really stressed about Brexit this November (because I think a lot of people will be), we can talk about how it's affecting our writing, whereas people in Siberia won't have a clue why that might affect my work. 

There's also the fact that there are write-ins being organised in real life so that you can get together with other writers and share thoughts and ideas, and just generally feel less alone when you write. They are usually held in groups of people in public places like Starbucks. The one that I went to back in 2014 was held at a local castle's visitor centre.

I mentioned in a previous blog that sometimes regions can challenge each other to meet word count goals and that's really fun. Although there's no prize for it and all you're competing for is the chance to say that, for example, Glasgow wrote more per participant than Chicago.

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Have you found any benefits to joining a particular region in Nanowrimo?

Tomorrow I'll be sharing another poem. This will be my last. The poems haven't been popular and they get very few visits and no engagement, so my poems are either crap or people just aren't interested enough to click my links and read what I'm writing. Either way, I had three poems to share and this is the final one. Actually, I have a fourth but that wasn't submitted for assessment, so I'll maybe share that next week and ask for feedback. 

On Monday I'm back with the A to Z of Nanowrimo and I'll be writing about S for Stress. Over on Rock Paper Spirit today I'm writing about R for Raikkonen, which is pretty self-explanatory.

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