A to Z Blogging Challenge: N is for November

This is the post I've been dying to write, because it is perhaps the most obvious of all the A to Z of Nanowrimo posts. It's N for November. However, now that I'm here writing it, what on earth do I say? Perhaps it's too obvious. That could be a problem.

N is for November because Nanowrimo is a creative writing challenge that, for me, is synonymous with November. When I hear that month being mentioned, I think, "Oh, that's Nanowrimo month." If it's November and I'm not killing myself over a 50,000 word novel and making myself and everyone around my miserable, is it even November? 

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I actually hate the month of November if I'm honest. It's so bleak. Summer is well and truly behind us. Halloween and all the fun stuff that surround it are over. We don't do Thanksgiving over here. People everywhere are moaning and being fun-sponges about Christmas music being played in shops and Christmas stuff being sold because it's apparently too early for Christmas (spoiler alert: it's NEVER too early for Christmas). And then there's Remembrance Day. I do believe it's super important to remember those who died for our freedom and fought in wars to ensure that we can live the way we do today, it just makes me hella sad. There's also the anniversaries of some deaths in my family, which obviously makes me sad. The weather is awful and spring seems so far away and it's just a horrible month. My least favourite. And that is why Nanowrimo is such a big thing for me.


If I'm writing during the month of November, and have a deadline of 30th November, it means that the month passes quickly. Let's be honest, a deadline will do that to you. I've usually got my head in a notebook or in front of my laptop and I am working as hard as I can to get those 50,000 word down. It gives me something to feel good about during a month that is otherwise bleak.

This is another one of those topics where I thought I had more to say than I actually did. Tomorrow I'll probably have even less to write because it's O for One thousand six hundred and sixty six. Come back to find out what that means if you can't already guess! Over on Rock Paper Spirit today I'm writing about N for Nomination


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