A to Z Blogging Challenge: M is for Municipal Liaison

After yesterday's break for a poem, I'm back to the A to Z Blogging Challenge today. These A to Z of Nanowrimo posts have been fun to write and for some reason, easier to write about than my A to Z of my Wish List over on my author site. Weird! Today I'm writing about M for Municipal Liaison, the people who are vitally important to the success of the social side of Nanowrimo.

a to z blogging challenge 2019

Those who have never participated might be wondering what a Municipal Liaison is. They are people who dedicate their time and skills, on a voluntary basis, to leading the different regions of Nanowrimo. They are experienced in the challenge and have completed at least one Nanowrimo novel and have lots of patience and enthusiasm. They are in charge of organising write-ins for the area, offering support to other participants in their area and they just generally offer help where it is needed for that region.

Some regions have mini-challenges against each other and from what I've seen, it's the Municipal Liaisons who engineer these virtual battles. My own region has written against Chicago and others (but the only one I can remember is Chicago).

a to z of nanowrimo municipal liaison

I haven't had a great deal of contact with my local ML, other than on Twitter. I had befriended a woman online who had some kind of disagreement with our local ML and there was some tension although I don't know specifics - and probably wouldn't be able to detail them here anyway. I suppose I felt a bit awkward taking sides. That's the thing about Nanowrimo. It's a community and like all communities, there are things people disagree on.

Tomorrow, I'll be writing about N for November, which is probably the most obvious Nanowrimo topic to write about. If you'd like to take a look at the A to Z of my Wish List, it's over on Rock Paper Spirit and today I'm writing about M for Marble.


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