A to Z Blogging Challenge: L is for Loved Ones

I made it to the end of the second week! Yay! I can't believe I got this far, and this post is scheduled too. I wrote it on Monday of this week so, who knows, I might have gotten the entire challenge scheduled by the time you read this. Today I'm going to be writing a little post about L for Loved Ones. 

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Ah, they put up with so much around Nanowrimo time, don't they? We wave goodbye to them on November 1st and miss so much time with them while writing. They support us when we're discouraged, they put up with not seeing us for a month, they throw chocolate at us from the doorway and then retreat when we're grumpy with plot holes. At least, that's what happens in my home. Bless our loved ones for putting up with our frustrations and dramas during Nanowrimo because most of them don't write themselves but they understand our passion for the craft.

A couple of years ago, I went so far as to make a batch of frozen meals that I could defrost during Nanowrimo time and ensure that my family ate well during November when I was too distracted with novelling to make a decent home-cooked dinner. That worked out well for the first week or so but I didn't have thirty meals frozen. Other than that, I can't think of ways that I can make Nanowrimo easier on them, because I know they do get upset with the emotional rollercoaster that I ride during November.

Although my husband understands the whole obsession around writing, I don't think the rest of my family do. I remember when I published my first novel, nobody was excited for me. I do wonder if it was because I self-published (which shouldn't matter because it's a viable business option that makes sense for many writers and makes us entrepreneurs as well as creatives) and I also wonder if it was because they didn't believe my book would sell. I couldn't get them excited about an actual novel that was going on sale so now, I tend not to talk about Nanowrimo or any of my other writing projects with my family. I keep it for my online friends.

As for my son, I don't know if he will ever understand what Nanowrimo is or why it's important to me. I'll admit, for a while that upset me. When you have children, you just assume when they're born that one day you'll be able to have conversations with them about who you are and what makes you tick and what you're passionate about. To a certain extent, I can communicate activities and facts to him but I still don't know how to put my passion into words or images that he will understand (for those who don't know, he has autism and is verbal with great reading skills but still struggles with social communication). I worry that he will grow up thinking his mother spent a lot of time in front of a screen or with a pen in her hand and he won't really get why. He will be able to see my books, but they have Lacey Dearie on the front, not Sharon Milligan. Will he understand the concept of a pen-name? Will he know that Nanowrimo was the time when I wrote a lot of those books? I suppose, in time, we'll find out.

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Ok, this post wasn't quite as cute and fluffy as I had hoped it would be. I ended up down the rabbit hole, but hopefully there are others who feel the same who will take some comfort from reading my thoughts and ideas on how L for Loved Ones is appropriate in this A to Z of Nanowrimo. If you'd like to share your own thoughts and experiences below, please do comment and remember to leave a link to your own site so I can return the visit. 

Tomorrow is our day off and I'll have another poem lined up for you and on Monday I'll be writing about M for Municipal Liaison. And we'll be halfway through the challenge! Over on Rock Paper Spirit today I'm writing a funny one. L is for Leaving A Shoe At The Ball.


  1. AtoZ of Nanowrimo! I'll be back to read more.

    My blog is anonymous purely because of lack of support from my family. My husband, however, is also a writer, and this past November I joined him in doing Nano. Since we were both doing it, and have no children living at home, we could at least support and understand each other.
    I'm happy to have found you through AtoZ!
    Doesn't Speak Klingon


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