A to Z Blogging Challenge: J is for July

Today I want to write about something that isn't exactly about Nanowrimo, but is definitely part of the whole Nanowrimo project. Today is J for July, that beautiful month when the days are hot if you're in the northern hemisphere, the days are cool if you're in the southern hemisphere and I was born! It's also the month when Camp Nanowrimo takes place.

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I have never participated in this particular event but one year I might because it sounds really cool. Camp Nanowrimo takes place every year in April and July, so if November is a difficult time for you because you're busy (I know a writer who is a teacher and finds this is a problematic month for her) or because there are holidays, like Thanksgiving for Americans, July might be a more viable option for you.

One of the great things about Camp Nanowrimo is that it's more casual than the November event. It's a virtual writer's retreat and word count goals can be anything between 30 and 1,000,000. So, the latter sounds like a tall order to me but I'm sure there are many writers who will be able to achieve that. 

The other great thing is, it's not just about novels. You can tackle poetry, scripts, short stories, revisions or any other project. This particularly appeals to me because I see myself as a novella writer rather than a novelist. I've also started to play around with poetry and although I don't think I'm very good at it, I do believe I'd like to explore it some more. 

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Have you ever participated in Camp Nanowrimo in April or July? Share your experiences with me, if you feel comfortable doing so.

Tomorrow I'm writing about K for Knocks. We've all had them so let's talk about them. Over on Rock Paper Spirit, I'm writing about J for Jaffa Cake today. I do love a jaffa cake... 


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