A to Z Blogging Challenge: B is for Buddies

Thanks for visiting my A to Z Blogging Challenge posts, where I'm covering the A to Z of Nanowrimo. If you'd like more information on what Nanowrimo is, you can read yesterday's post about achievement, which explains roughly what the Nanowrimo challenge is and why it's such a huge movement amongst the writing community. Today I'm going to be writing about B for Buddies. This is one of the main reasons why I signed up for Nanowrimo a few years ago. I wanted writing to become more social.

a to z blogging challenge b is for buddies nanowrimo writing

Those of us who write for a living and work from home sometimes like to refer to ourselves as digital nomads, since we can take our laptops anywhere and work from pubs, beaches, the sun lounger when we're on holiday etc. That sounds really cool and glamorous but the reality is that it can be a very lonely profession. You don't have workmates to sound off to when you've had a bad experience. You also don't get to go home from the office. It's with you, everywhere you go. Yes, it can be as bad as it sounds.

There's also the issue that is slightly more personal to me, although I know it's one that many writers encounter. The people around us just don't get it. They don't share our passion for writing. Yes, you might meet people who love books. You probably will. I'm married to someone who would live in a library if he could. But writing and reading are very different experiences for me and sometimes, I just wish I had someone I could talk to, in real life, who feels the same.

When I first had a look around the Nanowrimo website I was excited because there was a friending function where you could add "writing buddies." All of these are people I don't know. I've now met a few of them, but I would still say I don't really know them. They're strangers, who just happen to share my passion, but we don't encounter each other in our everyday lives. I can't tell you how much less lonely it makes Nanowrimo though, knowing that we're all sharing our word counts with each other and discussing what's making our projects more easy or difficult on any given day.

nanowrimo writing buddies

It would be really great if my real life friends and family shared my passion and signed up for Nanowrimo. For the time being, the writing buddy area of the site is the closest I'll get to real writing buddies.

If you sign up for Nanowrimo and you've ever met one of your writing buddies, I'd love to hear your stories in the comment section below. Remember to leave your link if you're doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge too! Also, I'm still writing about the A to Z of my wish list over on Rock Paper Spirit, which is basically just me writing about my daydreams. Today B is for Broken Heels. Tomorrow I'll be writing about C for Caffeine. 


  1. Through past AtoZ's I've become friendly with writers across the globe: been invited to join other challenges; collaborated with others on writing and our own blog challenge; and met my future, now ex, SO.

    We both found each other's writing on AtoZ, liked what the other was doing, commented, and after Z came to an end, we stayed in contact, began emailing, texting, then Skype..and then we finally met, just about a half year later.

    Tale Spinning

  2. Hi!!! I'm a NaNoWriMo ML. So, yup, I've done it a few times. My local group meets pretty much every week all year. In fact, I'm with them RIGHT NOW!!! (And if I could drop a selfie in your comment, omg, this would be 10000% funnier.) Plus I personally know TWO of the A to Z cohosts, both who are nano buddies. <3 It's the bestest most fun writing group. <3

  3. I don't usually interact with people on the NaNoWriMo website. Last November was the first year I started interacting with fellow NaNoWriters but it was via Twitter, which has a huge, supportive writers community. I was blown away by the positivity. I definitely suggest you check it out during NaNo time this year. :)

  4. 1. you are doing two A2ZChallenges? OMG!
    2. thanks for your post. You are right, I´ve found within the NaNo challenge, what we have come to call "our NaNoTribe" people who share the same interests, or at least, many in common. Even the small little things like getting crazy about unicorns, or the same author of fanfic, those are the details that join us with our fellow writers in a way that sometimes we can´t make with our relatives.

    Good to know that tomorrow it´s caffeine, I´ll bring some cookies. :3


  5. As a semi-digital nomad, I get you. There was one year when I did NaNoWriMo with several people and that was such a wonderful experience compared to the other years when I slogged it alone. Also, it's amazing that you're doing A to Z on multiple sites!


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