A to Z Blogging Challenge: A is for Achievement

Hello! Welcome to my A to Z Challenge posts for 2019. I'm not nearly as organised as I wanted to be for this challenge. Over on my other site, I've got a whole load of posts lined up (I'm doing the A to Z of my Wish List) but here, it's a bit more chaotic. Well, that's kind of my style, I think. This year I am writing the A to Z of Nanowrimo, because this blog, my author site, is going to be dedicated to writing, both yours and mine. Nanowrimo seemed like a good thing to write about, until I started trying to list all the A to Z possibilities and some of them are a bit sketchy, to say the least. However, here goes.

a to z blogging challenge a

I should probably start by explaining what Nanowrimo is for those who don't know. It's a challenge that takes place every November, from 1st November to 30th November, where writers challenge themselves to write a novel comprising 50,000 words in those 30 days. This means they're writing around 1,666 words per day, which is very do-able. I've participated every year since 2010 but only won the challenge twice because although it's do-able, it is very difficult for me to keep the momentum going.

One of the reasons why I keep going is that I love the feeling of achievement at the end of the challenge, when I've worked my fingers to the bone for a whole month, writing a novel and then sitting back and feeling good about what I have achieved, that's just magic. And, I suppose that's why everyone else participates too, on some level.

The question is, when so many people fail the challenge, myself included, is there still that feeling of achievement? I would say yes. That's my personal opinion. Even if I fail the challenge, and only write 1,000 words, it's still 1,000 more that I was motivated to write. It's 1,000 words that I wouldn't have written if it hadn't been for my Nanowrimo participation. No matter whether we write 1,000 words or 50,000 words, we're still achieving for that whole month.

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Thanks for visiting my first A to Z Blogging Challenge post. Who know, maybe I inspired you to write or to take up the challenge this November? I really hope so. If you have any stories about your own Nanowrimo participation, I would love to hear them in the comment box below. Just remember to leave your own blog address so I can visit your site too, if you have one.

Tomorrow I'll be writing B is for Buddies, which I don't have scheduled either, so it could come at any time of the day. If you're interested in the A to Z of my Wish List, remember to hop over to Rock Paper Spirit and say hi. Today I've written about Abbey Road.


  1. I think there's always an upside to taking part. You can't edit words that aren't on a page, right? So any attempt is better than none. Great theme!

  2. There is something amazingly satisfying about passing the 50,000 work mark during NaNoWriMo. Your post makes me itch for November like no other. Seven more months!
    Great choice for a theme by the way.

  3. Hi, a great topic you have chosen! Last november was my first NaNo. Although I had seen many writers do the challenge, it was until last year I finally dared.
    I´m the kind of people who doesn´t have much energy, and I really expected to fail it. Somehow, just as you said, the mere idea of daring to do something new gave me that Achievement feeling I hadn´t felt in months. I even fell sick during the month, but I finally made the 50K one day earlier.
    I´m happy to see that you are following writing during NaNo every year. And, quoting you, even if you do only 25,000 or 1,000 words, you are nearer from your goal than before that month started. Well done!

  4. I have done NaNoWriMo a few times and even managed to complete some years! And yes, those years when I did reach the target word count, that sense of achievement is exhilarating!


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