A to Z Blogging Challenge: O is for One Thousand Six Hundred and Sixty Six

Welcome back to my A to Z Blogging Challenge, where today I'm covering what the letter O stands for. I really feel like I might see the end of this challenge now. I had my doubts earlier in the month but here I am, still blogging. O is for One Thousand Six Hundred and Sixty Six. If you know anything about Nanowrimo, you'll know what that means. If you don't, read on.

a to z blogging challenge 2019

One thousand six hundred and sixty six is the number of words you would have to write each day if you wanted to write fifty thousand words in thirty days. That's an average, remember. You can write more or less because the only rule is that you reach fifty thousand within those thirty days. So, you could write twenty thousand one day, twenty nine thousand the next and not write another word until 30th November when you would write a thousand. I know people who have followed that pattern successfully, although personally I don't recommend it.

I tend to try to stick to the word count recommendations but on the years when I do that, I never complete the challenge. This year I plan to try a different approach. I'm going to do a lot of pre-planning, which I almost never do. I mean, A LOT. And then when the time comes to write my novel in November, I'm going to find it much easier to write the recommended amount of words, or hopefully more, so I can finish the challenge later. Well, that's the plan. We'll see if it works out that way.

1666 words a day

The only years when I have completed the challenge are 2012 and 2014. Both years I had a lot on my mind. In 2012 my husband had just had a stroke and Nanowrimo was my way of staying calm through the worry. In 2014 I hurt my back at the start of the challenge and writing was difficult but it gave me something positive to focus on through the pain. It only just healed last year, by the way. I still have some off-days. Back pain sucks. I'm too young for this nonsense.

If you participate in Nanowrimo, do you stick to the recommended word counts? I'd love to know what approach everyone else takes. 

Tomorrow I'm going to be writing about P for Pep Talks, while over on Rock Paper Spirit today, I'm writing about O for Olbia. I do seem to be writing a lot of travel posts on there at the moment. If you're feeling nosy, you can also take a look at my other websites. Most don't have anything on them at the moment because they're a work in progress, but there's a previous A to Z Challenge from 2014 on Cherry Lip Kiss, my beauty blog.


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